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08 January 2011


Tom Harris

You might want to do some research on the phenomenon of groups of Pakistani Muslim men abusing vulnerable children. They are not the only groups engaged in this bestial activity but do form the vast majority of perpetrators.
The North of England has vast levels of gangs seeking out vulnerable children. This is an indisputable fact. The only issue is how this phenomenon is to be addressed.
Pretending it doesn't exist is idiotic.

Authoritative and independent sources place the number of children abused by groups of Muslim men of Pakistani origin at about 5,000. That is a lot of court cases coming to the publics attention - dripping out over the next few years. Will the words Pakistani and Muslim become synonymous in most peoples ears with pedophile?

You complain that Jack Straw is bumbling, Perhaps.
What is your response? Sticking your head in the sand?

joe kane

I don't know if this is the same Tom Harris who is a Westminster MP and a member of a political party that has carried out a vast campaign of abuse against vulnerable Muslim girls and women in places such as Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is the parliamentary voting record of Mr Harris MP which catalogues his involvement in decades old campaign of terror, violence and international war crimes againt innocent defenceless Muslim girls and women -

Mr Tom Harris MP is also prone to abusing young Scottish mothers and their babies, screaming abuse at them from the safety of his blog -

Mr Harris MP, have you made any more parliamentary expenses claims for baby food, baby equipment etc - or is it just young Scottish working class mums you abuse as spongers being unfairly subsidised by the taxpayer?

Tom Harris MP doesn't like his behaviour being scrutinised too closely as he -
- Voted moderately against a transparent Parliament
- Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.

"There’s a real problem with a small number of men, who see young girls as easy meat…" -

'Jack Straw’s brother found guilty of indecent assault on girl, 16'
09 Sept 2000

joe kane

Famously, Jack Straw was Foreign Secretary when Craig Murray was British Ambassador to Uzbekistan.
Craig tried to inform Straw of the on-going crimes of sex-abuse and mass rape of Uzbek girls and women by Uzbeki state police and security services. For his troubles, was victimised and hounded from his job by Straw.

For more info, see Craig's excellent blog here -http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/index.html

Craig has a whole archive on the subject of Straw, here -http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/8_the_strawman/

Or read Craig's book 'Murder in Samarkand' which has much info on Jack Straw's attitudes to women who were being abused and preyed on by gangs of abusive Asian men employed by the Uzbek Government.

At the time I think Tom Harris MP was also a member of the same gang of abusers as Straw, the New Labour Party British Government. As far as I can recall, Harris never lifted a finger to help or protect the female population of Uzbekistan from being preyed on and sexually abused by Jack Straw's pals in the Uzbek Government.


Hi Tom, what do you suggest is done? Are brown people more able to control brown criminals than the white community is white criminals? Will you be suggesting white people get together to sort out "their own" when they are the predominant perpetrators of specific crimes?

What does the authoritative research you cite say about this?

douglas clark

Tom Harris (MP?)

I somehow doubt that.

However, taking you at face value:

You do what all politicians do, you speak without evidence.

You say:

Authoritative and independent sources place the number of children abused by groups of Muslim men of Pakistani origin at about 5,000.

Share with us why don't you? Name your sources Mr Harris.

I really would expect better from my MP if indeed you are Tom Harris MP. As it stands it's just an allegation.


This is pretty pathetic from long-standing (Labour) MP, im actually quite disappointed.

J.K - was that a daisy-cutter / napalm or nuclear? Whatever it was, it totally obliterated this man's credibilty (or whatever that was left of it)!


ps. I hope atleast my (Labour) MP does better (on this matter).



Straw gives us no statistics to justify his claim.
Those that do exist seem to undermine his claim.
Table 5.4b of this pdf shows that, in the latest year for which we have data, Lancashire police arrested 627 people for sexual offences. 0.3% of these were Pakistanis. That's two people. 85.5% were white British. In Lancashire, there are 1,296,900 white Brits and 45,000 Pakistanis. This means that 4.163 per 10,000 white Brits were arrested for a sex crime, compared to 0.44 Pakistanis. If you're a journalist, you might say that the chances of being arrested for a sex crime are nine times greater if you're white than Pakistani. If you're a statistician, you might say they are 0.037 percentage points greater.

Final nail in the coffin for me (on this issue).

Andy Pratt

Jack Straw has been a hypocrate since he joined politics in the Northwest area. One of my relatives had close proffessional relations with him and put it this way, his nearest people, especially his family are criminals. This is yet another blow on his political career as he has yet again tried to blame the people, who voted him in in the first place. This is nothing but vendata that he is having to pick on Vulnerable Pakistani community in order to gain probable votes from the other communities. This tactic is called "Divide and Rule". But sorry Jack, the public is not that stupid.

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