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20 August 2010



Its not just Lockerbie that needs an inquiry but the behaviour of Radio Scotland in writing the news rather than repoting it. I heard Ian Gray saying 'if I was FM' (scary) I wouldn't of released him yet no one has told him that that would be against the rule of law.

joe kane

I don't normally watch BBC TV news or listen to its equally awful radio news bulletins.

Purely by accident, I watched some of the 'flagship' BBC 2 Newsnight programme tonight.

The live interview between the Newsnight anchor and Senator Menendez was awful beyond words. Pure mind-junk. I had to swith it off.

Just for the record here it is -

22.30 - 23.00
20 Aug 2010

joe kane

The bods who run Newsnet Scotland were warning their patrons in advance of the Friday anniversary to expect a corporate news media onslaught of right-wing verbage.

Here is their analysis of the Blatantly Bias Corporation's Friday coverage -

Outraged – by a factor of four.
Newsnet Scotland
22 Aug 2010

This might be of interest -

Terror closer to home
Morning Star
20 Aug 2010

All the best!

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