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08 February 2010



Some of my frustration here is that the Scottish Opposition (long may they remain so) shift so fleetingly from one phrase to another. 'Cash for Access' is slapped on the header, then slips down a grade to 'access to the parliamentary facilities', then slithers down again to 'a pie in the canteen with everyone listening'. But this is part of a general 'total-politics' pre-election malaise. When this 'story' fades, a new pretext will be found to pummel the SNP, possibly relating to purchase of wallpaper or (more hopefully) paint drying...

joe90 kane

One from the archives -
- look at how many Scottish Westminster MPs voted in favour of keeping their affairs secret from the prying eyes of the public.
Obvioulsy, they'd nothing to hide except perhaps trivia such as their claims for expenses; no evidence of Iraq WMD; no legal basis for attacking Iraq; and that sort of thing -

Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Third Reading — 18 May 2007 at 13:46
The Public Whip

Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill

Parliament should not exempt itself from the Freedom of Information Act!
The Campaign for Freedom of Information

all the best OS


You are soo right Osaama. I was at the event, I made no donation and was able to approach the First Minister (as I have already done many a time to the Deputy First Minister)and engage with him on a particular issue. He gave freely of his time, was genuinley interested and concerned about the issue raised and indicated that he would want to hear more about it. He advised me to contact him again through his assistant which of course I will do. If I had had the opportunity of lunch with him I doubt if I would have been able or indeed wanted to achieve any more than I did that night. You do not need money to access Alex or Nicola they are openly and easily accessible to anyone who approaches them appropriately which is more than can be said about many other party's MP's and MSP'S


No, there's quite enough disgust from non-Labour suppoorters.

It's down to a sense of basic integrity.

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