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12 November 2009



The Neocons are going after everybody. The Quilliam Foundation, for example, is suing Craig Murray. You can read all about it on his blog. The sort of attacks that you and he are getting will escalate in the run-up to the General Election! You will all have to just ride it out, and I wish you all good luck in doing so.

George Carty

How many members of the "Scottish Defence League" are actually Scottish, by the way? I thought it was a cover name used by mostly-English neo-fascists...


Just a thought about the issue of the Quilliam Foundation suing Craig Murray for libel for asking questions about their accounts.

Br. Osama was libeled in a 'Quilliam Alert' sent out earlier this year in a blatant attempt to wreck his political career, to the benefit of the Labour government!

If Br. Osama was to sue the Quilliam Foundation over their 'Alert', they would think twice about suing Craig!

douglas clark


Are you aware that you are coming under what I think are extremely unfair attacks on a couple of allegedly left wing blogs? Harrys' Place and the Spittoon. Both are carring a post by someone called Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens who appears to write for the Telegraph and something called Standpoint.

football shirt

Akwali needs to be publicly refuted by the same Muslim leaders who condemn incidents like Fort Hood if they are to be taken seriously.

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