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25 October 2009



As far as ice ages go, it is worth pointing out that the first people to arrive in Britain after the end of the last ice age (when the country was covered with ice and so not open to long-term habitation) were immigrants from the continent, using the land bridge which was subsequently drowned. Probably France. Presumably they should go back to France. Further waves of immigrants should be repatriated to other most easterly lands as well - the Anglo Saxons should go back to Germany, the Danes back to Denmark, the Normans back to France (to be further repatriated Northwards) and so on. Nonsense, eh? The problem is, an awful lot of people think like Griffin. After more than a century of state education, after all the progress made technologically, after the information boom brought about by tv, mobile phones, the internet etc, people still believe and think like Griffin. Facing the awful abyss of hysterical ignorance that is popular culture, it is difficult not to be overwhelmed by the vastness of the task we face in filling it up with reason and understanding. Not that NuLabor has even started to tackle this task. They might have lost votes...

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