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30 September 2009


joe90 kane

One of my fave blogs is back!

Great to hear from you again RuT.

There is nothing to debate with the BNP and nothing to expose - just as there is nothing to debate with Holocaust denial, pro-paedophilia, pro-women battering - so there is no intellectual argument to be debated with immoral racists and violent thugs and hoodlums such as the EDL/BNP attracts to their ranks.

The only issue to debate amongst ourselves is why there is nothing debate with vicious violent racists.

all the best!

Speaking of extremism, I noticed this attempt to radicalise the Scottish Muslim youth of today. This is the work of some kind of demented evil genius. Just when we thought things were getting better, we'd all turned the corner, this happens -
https://www.scottishislamic.org/index.php?go=news&id=445>Have coffee with Freddie Kanoute
25 Sept 2009

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