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25 January 2009



Osama - you write "The Israelis say they are responding to rockets. Some Palestinians are calling for a Third Intifada. Violence met by more violence. Al-Qaeda say they are motivated by Western atrocities. The US say they are in Afghanistan and Iraq because of 9/11. There is an ‘eye for an eye’ going on and it is making the whole world blind."

The Israeli claims about rockets are patently false. There was a ceasefire which Hamas observed and Israel broke. The rockets are an excuse. Your implicit suggestion that a third intifada is morally equivalent to the six-decade-old destruction of the Palestinian people, by ethnic cleansing, apartheid, starvation, and repeated massacres, is grotesque. The 'peace process' has been a pacification process, which thankfully has failed. At no point during the process did settlement building and land confiscation stop, not for one day. The Palestinians have a right to resistance. It's very disappointing indeed - but perhaps useful for your career - to see you fudging this.

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