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01 November 2007



Is Sarwar's son not in jail?



You are by far one of the most eloquent, talented, articulate and big-hearted individuals that the Muslim community has to offer.

You have taken a lot of (unjustified) critcism over the past few months, however, that has not stopped you from working tirelessly on behalf of the good citizens of Scotland who want to live in peace and harmony.

Can I take this opportunity to wish all the best for the upcoming campaign and hope that one day you will be able to make Scotland proud.

Take on the war criminals and hit them hard. Show them up to be the liars and charlatans that they really are.

iA you will win - Go on my son, I certainly am proud of you!


PS Remember the colour Red symbolizes blood... Millions of peoples blood!


This is excellent news. I may be working in Glasgow by the time of the next general election, so if I live in Glasgow Central you will definitely have my vote. Good luck.

Abu Sinan

Here's hoping you win, Insha'Allah. Here's also hoping to a free and independent Scotland in the near future!


you and the SNP almost received the ultimate accolade, the imprimatur which would have meant you would have joined the pantheon of the world's liberation movements!

New https://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/7075988.stm>Labour 'shift' over independence
BBC 03 Nov 2007
Mr Cairns warned his party that it had to find a way of articulating "an innate pride in Scotland" without the "reactionary nationalism" of the SNP.

If only this New Labour robot had said "radical nationalism". Still, now New Labour is trying to steal the SNP's clothes, as well as the Tories and the BNP's - that is recognition at least.

I love it when New Labour accuse anyone of being 'nationalist' - they are the biggest British nationalists of the lot, not only that, British Imperialists as well, which in my book amounts to the same thing.

Fancy being accused by New Labour of not wanting to follow your American orders and butcher and maim millions of innocent defenceless people in Lebanon, Palestine (WB & G), Iraq and Afghanisan - you should plead guilty as charged!

All the best Osama!

'Reactionary nationalism' in action -
https://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/edinburgh_and_east/7075724.stm>Campaigners make Trident protest
BBC 03 Nov 2007

And at the opposite end of the spectrum of humanity, which doesn't even qualify for reality as the rest of us knows it - we have New Labour's best pals dropping the same nuclear bombs the rest of us are trying to get rid of -
https://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article18652.htm>USAF Struck Syrian "Nuclear" Site
Information Clearing House
from JPost.com staff
02 Nov 2007

I don't quite know what to make of this report from JPost - the link to Al Jazeera seems to be in Arabic. A precis-type translation would be handy.

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