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01 October 2007



Here is the latest on Craig Murray's website - just hours before it was due to go back on line with a new web host, it was subjected to a hacker's attack, who knew what they were about -
http://www.chris-floyd.com/Articles/Articles/Back_From_the_Hack%2C_and_Once_More_Into_the_Breach/>Back From the Hack, and Once More Into the Breach
by Chris Floyd
Empire Burlesque:
High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium blog
02 Oct 2007

all the best!

A brilliant result tonight for the Gers!


the Celts (Chairman and War Criminal John Reid) are to play Slimy Berlusconni's AC Milan.

The match is to be broadcast live in the UK by Rupert Murdoch's media organisation - and both team strips will be sporting adverisements, and who knows, we might even be subjected to those flashy electronic advertising hoardings!

Can football get any more corrupted than this?

The great Jock Stein refused even to put numbers on the Celtic shirt, under a UEFA directive, placing them on the shorts instead. To look at the Celtic shirt these days, it has just been defiled and vandalised - it's a sacrilige!

It's pub owners I feel sorry for. Murdoch and the other private broadcasters charge them a fortune for football coverage - if pubs don't show the football games then they get no customers in that night!

do not adjust your browser, Usmanov does actually looks like this -
http://msnsport.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12040_2775350,00.html>Usmanov wants no hostility

Come back Robert Maxwell - compared to this lot, you were just an amateur!

BBC Radio Scotland football commentators at the weekend, referred to a quote saying that Celtic was now in a "safe pair of fists" under the new chairmanship of War Criminal Reid!

These BBC and journalist types cannot stop themselves from glorifiying western violence and aggression.

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