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10 October 2007



The Torygraph have been screeching about it, surprise surprise:


Philip Hunt

If Amis thinks that people should be harrassed for having the same religion or ethnicity as criminals, then he's an arsehole.

Joe Blow

With respect, you've got it wrong. Or rather, Eagleton has it wrong (again -- sigh, *again*)and you've quoted him straight.

Amis was talking about reaction in the West to both September 11 and some foiled plots in London by Islamists. Amis was describing the thoughts that go through someone's head when confronted with burning bodies falling out of buildings and babies being blown up in pizza parlors.

He makes it clear that he doesn't endorse this view, but that it is dishonest to pretend that anyone -- in any culture -- doesn't have some intense feelings regarding terrorism. He says that no culture -- not Arab, not Muslim, not Western -- could absorb the events of the past few years "frictionlessly."

He is also careful -- very careful and detailed -- to make a distinction between Islam and Islamism. He states uncategorically that it is Islamism -- with its Death Wish for Jews and its beating of women and it suicide bombers and etc. -- that he thinks is immoral.

One of the problems of Political Correctness is that eventually no one will say anything for fear of being lynched, as Amis is now -- so we don't talk about things. We don't talk about cultures. We don't talk about people's fears. We don't talk about the xenophobia that's 200,000-years strong encoded in our DNA -- xenophobia, by the way, which is not singular to the West. Some Muslims have actually been known to be racist too. Hard to believe.

Ad Hominem attacks may make one feel better -- a writer, for goodness sake, is the easiest target of all -- but they don't improve the situation. They make it worse.

In short, it is libel to say that Amis said to round up Muslims. To anyone who disagrees, I urge you to read the original material, where it is clear.



"The Muslim community will have to suffer..."

No mention of Islamists there Joe.

In fact he even says "discriminatory stuff". Go and defend something defendable.


From Scotland's own professor of creative writing,
here is what Amis Martin actually did say - after all, no culture can actually absorb the the events of the past few years frictionlessly, given what the Bolshevik Jews have managed to carry out against Russia, one of the world's superpowers...er sorry, I thought I was back in inter-war Europe for a second there -

Anus Martin in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Daily_Mail#Support_for_Nazism_and_Fascism>The Daily Heil -
'There is a definite urge - don't you have it? - to say, "The Jewish community will have to suffer until it gets its house in order".

'Not letting them travel. Deportation - further down the road. Curtailing of freedoms. Strip-searching people who look like they're from the Eastern Europe or from Poland. Discriminatory stuff, until it hurts the whole community and they start getting tough with their children.'

bash your chiselers and bairns about until they grow up into paragons of western virtue and culture, such as Martin Anus himself, England's answer to Rabbie Burns's 'Holy Willie's Prayer'.

Meanwhile on another planet, another creative type, Peace Envoy Tony Orwell, who can conjure up non-existent Iraqi WMD from nowhere and replace it with millions of dead and maimed Iraqis, says -
https://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7052080.stm>Iran backing terror, says Blair
'UK ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair has accused Iran of backing terrorism and warned the world faces a situation akin to "rising fascism in the 1920s".

Mr Blair told a charity event in New York that Iran was prepared to destabilise peaceful countries.

However New York's two presidential candidates, Senator Hillary Clinton and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, did not attend.'


Recently started reading your blog. Keep up the good work OS.

As for Amis, you've got to read this response to his racist rantings:


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