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26 August 2007



If you think Monteith is a comic genius,
here is The Fanonite taking the biscuit!

http://fanonite.org/2007/08/26/el-libertador/#comments>El Libertador
25 Aug 2007


Don't know him.

Not bothered, but Osama obviously is.

The taxpayer "allegedely" footing the bill for Mr Monteith's transportation is quite enough information, but we are straying into "telling tales out of school" and some moralist snobbery about alcohol, and places of late-night entertainment when you extended your sentence to include all of the above information. Am shocked and suprised that someone with allegedely upstanding morals would sink to the level of "mud sticks" to fight off an opponent.

Have things really become quite so lacking in any morals in Scotland? But then politics was ever the same was it not? Suppose the next comment will be from Osamas equivalent of Alaister Campbell (Joseph 90) who will proceed with the usual attack whenever anyone points out the idiocy of and transparent purpose of some of the posts here.

Come back John Knox, all is forgiven.


Not too sure how to ever answer your posts Aineliva. If someone does, there are accusations of aggressive misogyny, if it's just left for you to say your piece, passive misogyny.

I'll just say anyway that if you read the linked article you'll see that Mr Monteith paid back the money he claimed for those trips. Seems he eventually thought there was something wrong with it too. As an MSP he could obviously claim travelling expenses for legitimate parliamentary business, which in this case the trips clearly weren't.

Rory Winter

Oh no, not another pompous Tory numpty. Holyrood is full of traitors who'd gladly betray Scotland again for the price of a taxi ride.


Can anybody tell me how to get in touch with Brian Montieth (brother of Peter McLie, the 'World's Worst Columnist' as featured in Private Eye magazine)?

only secular Jewish-Israeli soldiers get killed in combat -
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/6965607.stm>Israel rabbi in fallen troops row

- and -

http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=898054>Rabbi Yosef: Secular IDF troops die in war because they don't observe Sabbath
28 Aug 2007

I am sure the all-knowing Sentinel of Edinburgh and doyen of the capital's late-night fun-lovers and taxi driving fraternity will be able to tell these Israeli fundamentalists, which the British government supports, where they're going wrong in the way forward regarding violence and religion.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a patron of the British JNF, one of the world's most notorious racist organisations, devoted to ethnic cleansing in Israel - obviously Gordon Brown's direct support for Israeli fundamentalism, violent racism and ethnic cleansing in no way harms the..
..multi-faith solidarity in the fight against religious-inspired terrorism.

you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family


When politicians and pseudeo-
politicians can actually tell us what it is they are able to actually do - as opposed to telling us what their opponents are up to - they will officially become worth the skin God gave them.

In the meantime, yet more, I see, of the schoolboy purience that poses as actual social/political comment on this blog. The world is bursting with politicians who'd betray each other, and Scotland for a taxi ride.

The more things change.....


So the man eventually put things right to some degree. So why are you drawing attention to it in a blog post?

There are plenty of useful things for all of us to do in life without spending time drawing attention to the speck in our neighbours eye. I just find your motivation questionable. And as you appear to be a budding politician, having to question your agenda this early on, and your fondness for drawing attention to others mistakes, leaves me wondering as always what's going on that you are not drawing attention to.... you do remember the infamous email......good day to bury bad news? Well they meant their bad news, not the oppositions. This kinda post works the same way I guess.....

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