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23 August 2007


Tartan Hero

Using a third party organisation should not let individuals get round having to declare their donations (indirectly) to a political party. The West Midlands Business Council (a front for Tory fundraising) was similarly found to be in breach of the law and made to identify individual donations (or at least that's my recollection).. time to do a bit of research and maybe we can unmask who really are "Friends" and may be after a peerage?


Today's Sunday Times seems to have some of the answers Grant


So this is what it all comes down to, the almighty dollar.

Do I sense some envy that finance is going to Labour and not to your particular political preferences, which I guess would be SNP.

I don't see why there should be panic at the idea of a Tory Government on the part of any religious group. After all, the Tories and most religious groups are right-wing, believe in capital punishment, keeping the women in the home and well under wraps, and allowing the male to run rampant, spending money in bars, (see O's post on Mr Monteith)night-clubs (having illicit relations with women while wifey is at home with kids - it's the barefoot and pregnant approach) and off-licences, and taking taxis home!!

Would think that the Tories would suit some religionists down to the ground.

What are you going on about?


Aineliva, same reason Catholics haven't historically backed the Tories. Do you really need a lesson in why minorities aren't fond of right-wing political parties?


From thee Osama, lessons? What exactly on?

Oh and indeed some Catholics may not back the Tories and some may, perhaps you have failed to notice that in the last century some of the most Catholic countries in Europe were Right-Wing Facists Dictatorships.

Religion and Facism seem to get on well together.

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