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27 June 2007



Online Petition -
http://www.petitiononline.com/27062007/petition.html>Oppose Tony Blair as Middle East Envoy

I haven't signed it yet - I'm trying to think of something really sarcastic to put as a comment, but even sarcasm isn't up to this bare-faced effrontery. Perhaps I'll sign myself 'Sir Salman Rushdie' - for all the absurdity of the bubble these people like Rushdie, Blair etc live inside, hermetically sealed-off from the real world outside.

As Tacitus once said, the only hiding place for criminals caught red-handed is audacity!

I see 'nationalist' MPs were the only ones not to get up onto their hind legs and applaude this blood-soaked monster in the British Parliament today.

Two bodies of dead British soldiers arrived back today, in the UK, from Iraq-Afghanistan. Victims of Blair and Labour-Con lies.

http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/msg/1182959801.html>BBC turn down microphones on anti-war demonstrators
MediaLens.org messege board
27 June 2007

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zXS4BbXpB54&mode=related&search=>Anti-war protest as Blair resigns and Brown takes over
27 June 2007


Israel celebrates news of butcher Blair's new appoint in its usual style -

Blair named Mideast envoy, Israel kills 12 in Gaza
27 Jun 2007 17:10:54 GMT
Source: Reuters

http://jewssansfrontieres.blogspot.com/2007/06/reuters-agrees-with-me.html>Reuters agrees with me
27 June 2007

all the best!

don't forget,
it is all you good people out there who have made a difference to butcher Blair getting chucked ouf of No.10 early, otherwise he would've been PM until the next election.

Remember last summer we all protested Blair's latest involvment in another unprovoked attack on another innocent defenceless country in West Asia, namely Lebanon.

Give yourself a big pat on the back!

And remember, there is no such as instant gratification when it comes to civilising western institutions and the monsters who serve their interests such as Blair, Bush and Olmert.

The bigger the struggle, the greater the humanity needed to overcome the obstacles blocking the progress of civilisation.

It always takes time turn the Bush's, Blair's and Olmert's of this world into honest, decent and moral persons whom it is safe to allow to have at liberty amongst the community of their fellow human beings.


Really couldn't care what Mr Blair will be doing in the future, however, I do question his judgment in this decision.

After all the Iraq and Afghanistan "wars" have brought misery to millions, increased lawlessness and violence in both areas, and if I were he, I'd be concerned about my own safety.

Obviously his daily "conservations" with the Almighty leave him with some sense of invulnerability. We shall see. In his lack of fear for his own life, of course he has a great deal in common with those he opposes; you know the ones who want to "change our way of life"....

Is Parliament representative... well as representative as some religious buildings where space for women seems unavailable, in a country that has gender equality.


What I forgot to say, is that I really do now question Mr B's sanity; he must be delusional, at the very least.


Here is an incomplete snapshot of the suffering, mayhem and carnage butcher Blair is responsible for in Iraq today alone, Thurs 28 June 2007 -

- 20 Iraqis blown to pieces in a car-bombing, scores wounded

- 3 British troops blown to pieces, 1 seriously wounded

- 20 bodies discovered south of Baghdad, all beheaded

And Blair got an unprecedented standing ovation in the British Parliament!

Karima Hamdan

It beggars belief that he has been given this role. I agree with aineliva - Blair must be insane to think that anyone takes him seriously in the role of an honest broker.
There is an excellent piece on this on ummahpulse.co.uk.


Here is a bit more info on Butcher Blairs handywork as recorded for the single day only of Thursday 28 June 2007 -
http://www.mcclatchydc.com/212/story/17438.html>Round-up of daily violence, Thursday 28 June 2007

Apparantly, some kind of car-bomb was discovered in the centre of London today, Friday. The anti-journalists inside the M25 bubble, however, seem to think what happened yesterday to the inhabitants of the city of Basra is of no moment -

- Police sources in Basra city said that 5 civilians were killed yesterday evening when a British helicopter bombed their vehicle in Al Hussein neighborhood west neighborhood west Basra city.

When it's Iraqi WMD or islamo-fascist terrorism,
there's oodles of space in the British news media - but when it's British war crimes (or British military casualties), then the British news coverage is not so comprehensive or in-depth, and rarely gets round to pinning the blame on those responsible
ie the British government

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