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11 May 2007


Mustafa Arif

I used the term 'minor' in a relative sense. Even the most popular blogs don't have anything like the readership of the national papers. No offence intended. Incidentally I suspect my blog is much more minor than yours.


Don't worry, none taken, I was just being cheeky.

BTW I just recalled that the Sunday Times have on more than one occasion published excerpts from my blog without informing me. Maybe I should take exception.


This seems to be a mini-craze at the moment amongst Murdoch's organisations - one of his other British franchises has also altered their website, but hasn't told anyone.

The New Labour Party isn't 'New' anymore -
http://www.labour.org.uk/leadership/>Labour leadership elections

It is simply the 'Labour party' - and you can't get to their website homepage, or any page, without first having to go via 'leadership'. I wonder hwat it all means?


Here is another shocking example of the misuse of entire newspaper articles, published without the owners consent, and posted on irresponsible blogs and websites.

http://www.normanfinkelstein.com/article.php?pg=11&ar=1018>Purity of arms, Courage under fire:
The day Israel used a boy aged 13 as a human shield
posted by
Norman Finkelstein
15 May 2007

This sort of abuse thingy, does nothing except encourage open and honest debate about important subjects that affect everyone, especially the victims of the British government in its support for racism, both at home and abroad...er


Here is another shocking example of blogs re-using material without the owners permission -

http://www.normanfinkelstein.com/article.php?pg=11&ar=1023>Bike Helmets for Israel
Why not just chain a Palestinian child to each bicycle?

Re-using children as human shields without their owners permission is ok though, as long as they happen to be Palestinian, Iraqi or Afghani - then who cares?

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