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22 February 2007



How these so-called journalists can keep getting away with this racist abuse, is beyond me.

Isn't there laws against this racist newspaper abuse, and if there isn't, then why isn't there?

I saw the newspaper headlines in question, in my local supermarket, and couldn't quite believe I wasn't in pre-WWII nazi Germany or even pre-WWII Britain. Only the victims have changed.

Here is what another similar British newspaper The Daily Mail had to say on 20th Aug 1938 -
The way stateless Jews from Germany are pouring in from every port of this country is becoming an outrage: the number of aliens entering the country through back door - a problem to which the Daily Mail has repeatedly pointed

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hurrah-Blackshirts-Fascists-Fascism-Britain/dp/1844130878/ref=ed_oe_p/203-5401974-4649549>Hurrah for the Blackshirts! indeed!
from the frontpage headline in an edition of the
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daily_Mail#Support_for_Nazism_and_Fascism>Daily Heil January 1934

Here is Lenin with some timely reminders and parallels trapped as we are, in this one-party state of ours, where British democracy is just an empty meaningless ritual -
http://leninology.blogspot.com/2007/02/running-of-muslim.html>The Running of the Muslim
Thurs 22 Feb 2007

Yusuf Smith

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

My response to this here, insha Allah.


Assalaamu alaikum

Kudos to 5 Chinese Crackers's job on this. It really is shocking that this kind of rubbish can be printed with what are blatant lies. I'm beginning to wonder whether anyone actually read the document that the MCB produced.

It's just like the case in the Mail the other day about the 2 year old girl stopped from going swimming because she is not Muslim. In that story they even managed to contradict themselves by initially reporting that the father and daughter were stopped from going because it was Muslim-women only and then further down it was because it was women-only, so which is it?

Unfortunately Muslims are getting a raw deal these days. The headlines posted by joe90 certainly sound familiar don't they.

Yakoub Islam

The problem is, due to the press bashing this paper has received, it is now very difficult to draw attention to its flaws. Yes, much of it is emminently sensible, but it definitely reflects a revivalist/conservative Muslim perspective - and as researchers point out time and again, that touches on issues of power and influence within the British Muslim community. Other faiths seem able to admit to even a small degree of diversity in beliefs, practice and even observance! The MCB amy claim to be an umbrella group, but in reality, they are (sometimes) extremely partisan.


Once again (see first comment) we get the conflation between race and religion. All together now: 'Islam is not a race.' Can we stop bleating and get on with integrating. This laughable 'guidance' from the MCB is just so much tosh, guaranteed to drive a greater wedge between Muslims and the rest. But, then, I ought to have learned by now: Muslims don't want integration - they merely want things the Muslim way.


Since when was Islam a race, and criticism of Islam racist?

There are probably more none whites who practice Christianity. I regulary criticise it. Does that make me a racist.

Educated people are not fooled by the conflation of criticism of Islam with racism.

Islam is a confused body of thought not even relevant to life in the 7th century, other than for a small tribe of arabs.

This is the 21st century, humankind have moved on. Many have no belief in a supreme being, and further think such beliefs as quaint except when they are malign.

George Carty

Islam isn't a race, but its hold over its adherents is so great that it might as well be one.


When abuse (not criticism) is directed at Muslims it's Islamophobia. People like Andy A don't like that term either, just as they don't like the term racist being used to describe it. The prefer to nitpick over the terminology rather than deal with the problem, whatever it's called.


Tell the radicals to stop tarnishing the good name of islam!..then your PR wouldnt be so negative...



I think you need to look up "Sod's law"...


Off to the mosque with you laddie!,and tell em big bad non uk imans,to stop preaching jihady activity against us non muslims!..then we all live happily ever after.


Do all bloggers have to contend with such a class of commentator?


Once again we see the confalation between ignorant-bigot-moron and racism.

I am sure it comes as big relief to the Jewish victims of The Daily Mail and Hitler, that they weren't the subject of racist abuse either. After all, Judaim isn't a race it's a religion.

That's bigots for you though - they tend to be easily led, ignorant morons as well.


The British one party state -
http://www.sundayherald.com/oped/opinion/display.var.1217825.0.the_void_left_by_the_lack_of_any_opposition_is_sucking_the_life_out_of_society.php>The void left by the lack of any opposition is sucking the life out of society
Iain Macwhirter
26 Feb 2007
Sunday Herald

Just like Nazi Germany - no real debate or opposition or law and order, only scapegoats and an awful mass-media using the techniques of Goebbels in place of real debate or real news.

As I was saying the other day about Hugh MacDiarmad and the SNP, the only real opposition in Britain has always been the anti-imperialist, hence anti-British, political parties such as the SNP, Plaid Cymru, Irish Republicanism and some weak counter-currents in north England.

Labour stopped being socialist well before World War I, and were practically forced into being socialist after World War II, by the collective experiences of that conflict. They soon reverted to their old pro-establishment British ways.


Scotsguy, you mean you don't suscribe to "Muslim will outbread us and force Burqa theory?"


Anyone see "The Retreat" BBC2 last night? There are two more episodes I think, and it's well worth watching. Could even be useful if anyone doesn't know the difference between race and religion. Well that's my contribution for today. Dia Duit a daoine usaile.


Sunni muslims murder Shiites when they can, and vice vers. Are they racist?
Both of the above groups murder Hindus, Christians, Budists etc when they can. Are they racist?

Catholics and proetansts used to murder each other. Were they racist?

The Nazis murdered Jews. Where they racist? Yes, they identified using various techniques peoples who deviated from the Ayrian ideal. That they practiced the Jewish faith was an easy identifier. They of course also murdered, Slavs, gypsies, etc. Indeed given time and a free hand they would have started on Arabs, being identical to Jews in their ancestry. Blacks of course would also have been murdered.

We are brothers and sisters under the skin, however we differ in our belief systems both within and between the surface manisfestations. To criticize beleifs is not racism, never has been and never will be.

So next time a muslim tells me I am being racist, I will in all humility say that ignorance is no defence for insulting my intelligence.


Thanks for tipping people off about my post (and a picture of Camilla is indeed far more scary than a woman in a niqab).

The tabloids do this sort of thing all the time to demonise whoever they don't like. Muslims especially, but also the Polish, asylum seekers, immigrants in general, homosexuals and anyone with political views even slightly on the left take a bashing - and reports either by or about them will always get distorted or lied about.

I try to point it out on my blog. If I remembered people actually read it and might want to link to it, I might swear a bit less. But probably not.


5CC - thanks for not saying "But probably not".

Sophoclese - please stop attacking the straw man here. This is not about criticising the Islamic faith, which you can do, as long as you don't go to Mark Steyn level (see next post along from this).

Whatever you want to call it, the rubbish above from the Express is thoroughly dishonest, and has the aim of demonising Muslims.

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