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18 December 2006


Yusuf Smith

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

As if anyone would care! Halal meat is supplied to non-Muslim schools because most people don't care if they are eating halal meat, as long as the meat is what they are told it is and they can't pick up any killer disease from it. The meat is slaughtered with words completely unoffensive to them - "In the Name of God, God is most great" - and I'm sure many of them have been to Egypt or Morocco and eaten halal meat there - not to mention curry houses in England. Pathetic! This is obviously a tiny group of bigots whose petty complaint has been picked up by the gutter press.


This makes a welcome change from stories about the Spanish, who always seem to be mistreating donkeys,
according to the cream of British journalism employed by Raving Madman, foreign proprietor of 'The Scum' newspaper.

The British are nation of animal lovers, after all, and don't eat animals they can't stomach.


White Van Man says "You moozlims are cruel doin' that hal al thing", On-side Muslim Man says "But white van man, is your captive bolt pistol not also cruel?". Concerned Vegetarian Man says "You are both cruel... now let me eat my cheese and egg sandwich..."

You are all cruel. Go vegan!

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I'm not aware that there is any prescribed "Christian" method of slaughtering animals. Though the least cruel would of course be the best option.

John P

as long as the meat is what they are told it is and they can't pick up any killer disease from it.

If that's the case, and since most pupils are Christian, then why force-feed unsuspecting students halal meat without telling either them or their parents as much?

There are issues of transparency and honesty here that are not addressed. If, as "Yusuf" thinks, it's no big deal, then the school authorities had only to inform the parents, right?

Another important point; since when do a minority of Muslims in a secular school systeme have the right to impose their dietary regulations on other people? Many individuals, for instance, enjoy nothing better than a good ham or a good bacon and tomato sandwich, and seeings most of these students aren't muslims, then who's business is it? Muslims have only to choose a meat meal that doesn't contain pork or even a vegetarian plate with no meat at all. That way they wouldn't be imposing their dietary regimen on others.

Why the supremacism, the subtrefuge? Why such balatant disrespect for the customs and traditions of others?

Another thing, hala meat is more expensive and those extra profits are channeled from the taxpayers pockets ( school taxes) into various islamist organisation....something most Britons are vehemently against.

Just check the prices at stores where both types of meat are sold if you need proof of this. That price difference ( unlike with Kosher products) is a kind of halal tax that Christians have no business paying, and which Muslims have no business imposing.

Secondly, many Christians ( and others ) object to animals that are slaughtered without being stunned. Many people refuse to wear fur coats, even though that fur is harvested from animals that HAVE been strunned before slaughter, yet these same people are being forced, against their knowledge, to eat meat products obtained from animals slaughtered without stunning.

Can you imagine the outcry if Muslims suddenly duscovered that the local school-board had pulled a fast one, that they had for years fed ground pork to muslim children that was passed off as regular hamburger?

Imagine if Muslim sudents had been the objects of such obscene and arrogant dishonesty?


The article doesn't saying anything about Muslims insisting on this. Why did the Council make its decision?

John, halal meat money goes to "Islamist" organisations? Come on man, give yourself a break. Anyway, halal meat seems to be cheaper often, as there are various companies that use it for no apparent reason other than that it suits them. Comparing the pre-made meals in the supermarket is not indicative.

"Supremacism"?! You make me laugh.

Did this canteen ban ham or BLT sandwiches? Again, we'd need to see this specified before getting past ourselves.

If people are concerned about dietary requirements (such as that animals should be stunned - how cruel and unusual), then they should surely ask and specify. That is what you are demanding that Muslims do. Oh, and that is what we do already.

John Palubiski

Sohaib, I don't care what you eat.

What should be insisted upon is the right for people to be free of ritually slaughtered meat.

When halal isn't on the menu then poepl know the animal hasn't been abused.

If a tiny minority of students insist on halal meats, then let them bring some in their lunch boxes....otherwise they can choose a vegetarian meal.

That way everyone is happy

Why did the council decide to introduce ritually slaughtered meat? Perhaps the Hindus demanded it. Afterall, seeings halal is Muslim and all, it certainly couldn't have been because of any pressure from Islamists.

Another thing, Sohaib, just what do you understand by halal menus? A ham sandwich? A blt sandwich?

And just on a nutritional note; one halal burger (3oz) has three times the fat than a 3oz ham sandwich...not to mention the dangers of mad cow disease.

Finally if you think it "cruel and unusual" to stun an animal before slicing into its flesh with a knife, then may I suggest you undergo your next operation without the benefit of anesthesia.

Anything less would be cruel and unusual...

Andy A

You can argue till the proverbial cows come home as to whether halal and shechita slaughter are cruel. However, the Farm Animal Welfare Council, on vets' advice, advised the British government in 2003 to end this form of killing. Prestunning was presumably brought in for a reason, but in order to appease visiting cultures we now have to accept that they can be killed by the slitting of their throats while they are still conscious. One FAWC finding, I seem to remember, was that it could take up to a couple of minutes for a larger animal to die. It is also very likely that if, as someone posting a comment on the website of that rag the Sun said this week, traces of pork had been found for the past 17 years in halal meat at a school, there'd be hell to pay.

I don't subscribe to any religion, but, if this country can be said to have one at all, it's Christianity. It's what has largely informed us for hundreds of years, even though there's no need for any religion now as an explanatory model for the origins of the universe, and any recourse to religion is plain superstition. However, it's there. And our British culture has certain ways and freedoms fought for over the decades, one of which was to have laws calling for prestunning of animals. Laws of the land should be for all (and that also includes those of another religion, Sikhism, who are allowed not to wear crash helmets because they've got a towel wrapped around their heads in the name of their religion).

So, whether your way of killing is better or worse, the fact is that if parents don't want their kids to have halal meat they should not have it. If Muslims want halal meat, let them eat at home, take a packed lunch or not bother with meat at all.


“Halal meat is very inhumane,” warned one parent. “We are used to our animals being gently put down by a bolt through their brain. But the way Muslims do things is cruel.”

“We have had reports of Muslim slaughterhouses where they blindfold the chickens and hang them from miniature gallows. In the case of lambs and larger animals, they typically force the animal to wear a bow tie, a symbol of their contempt for the infidel, and then they throw the animals from the roof of the building so that they land on a bed of steel spikes and impale themselves. The ones that die instantly are discarded but those that remain alive are pulled from the spikes and driven over by a ceremonial golf buggy. Then they are skinned alive and made to watch several hours of al-Qaeda propaganda videos before finally being placed in a microwave and declared halal.”

The Satirical Muslim


More nonsense from the usual idiots. You'd the likes of rejects from Harrys place could come with something better. I take it palubiski and little andy are both hardcore vegans. I don't see anyone forcing you gnats to eat halal meat, so what do you hypocrites care what I eat.
Halal all the way!

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