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03 November 2006



Masha Allah, nice work.

Infidel & Kafir Watch

I think in future you should inform us that you are going to write a complain (and give brief context of the complaint) so we may contribute and complain over the same issue making a much louder noise.

Just an idea which I think will take off and have a big impact.



I think it's an adequate response Osama but I hear your concerns clearly. There are those of us who adhere to the conspiracy theory and those of us that adhere to the c*** up theory. The beeb gets lots wrong. The point is, the Dome of the Rock is so much more photogenic than the Wailing Wall.


Further to my last, the Wailing Wall, also featured in the backdrop, is of course, also part of illegally occupied East Jerusalem, yet is an international symbol of Jewishness. It illustrates how one person can look at the backdrop and see 'Dome of the Rock' and another can look at it and see 'Wailing Wall'and another person look at it and see 'Dome of the Rock and Wailing Wall'. Yet architecturally I think we can all agree the Dome of the Rock is visually the more outstanding element. The beeb's apology letter resembles almost verbatim similar apology letters I have had on issues I had with them and is their standard apology letter; bland, concilatory, and ultimately, non-committal.


Yes, I saw this on the teletext news. I was pretty gob-smacked. Mind you they seemed to have corrected it while I was checking news, which suggests there were quite a few complaints.


Veritas, Jewishness has got nothing to do with it. If it's an Israeli story it should have an Israeli backdrop.

abu sinan

Good move, but you know the only UN resolutions that matter are those that support the American agenda right?

Violate a few UN resolutions for a couple of years and the US will invade you. Violate a bunch more, for decades, the US will send you cash and arms.

UN resoultions mean nothing when they are selectively enforced. Not that it means anything to the client dictators around Israel either, ie Egypt and King "I cant speak Arabic better than a four year old" Abd'Allah of Jordan.


Have you ever visited Jerusalem ainelivia? All the interesting and historical architecture is in East Jerusalem. The new part that is in Israel is modern and has nothing of note. I agree that an Israeli backdrop if one could be found is what they should have used, perhaps the Knesset. But the beeb gets sloppy.


Veritas, when I first read your comment I didn't understand why you addressed yourself to me. Then I saw my comment. This comment I intended for the post BBC Change the Headline. My comment was posted here in error and doesn't actually relate to this post.

I wonder if you actually meant to address your comment to Shavez?


I've noticed the BBC website do this on a number of occasions - publishing an inappropriate image next to an emotive story. I think it's always worth drawing attention to.

Here in Australia, where we are having similar levels of 'terror hysteria' as in the UK, the hounding of Jack Thomas has involved a media beat-up on an enormous scale. Thomas has now been given a 'control order' - the first of its kind to be issued. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he was tried for, and acquitted of terrorism offences. In reporting the next stages of the case, the BBC illustrated stories on 'Jihad Jack' with a picture of police raiding a house wearing protective bio-hazard suits. The pictures have nothing whatsoever to do with the Jack Thomas case, so I wrote to complain. You can see the BBC response here:


I want to add, that i think a lot of the BBC do a great job - especially the World Service - but the website is really low brow and sensationalist. But for every complaint the 'pro-Palestinian' side sends, there's doubtless dozens from the 'pro-Israelis', complaining of bias.

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