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13 October 2006



And how about this for a story then,
which has had the normally cynical and world weary wonks at the MediaLens.org messege board gasping
http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/msg/1160687128.html>Breaking News - Army chief, General Sir Richard Dannatt...

.. says that the presence of British troops in Iraq is exacerbating the violence there and hostility to the West around the world. (BBC News at Ten)

Article to appear in the Mail tomorrow.



there is another extremist 'Wonder Boy' Kelly and the New Labour ideological fanatics will have to have a word with - a British Army General, who disagrees with them over who is to blame for all the extremism and terrorism in the world etc etc

And here is the offending article itself -
http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/msg/1160690089.html>The Article: Army chief declares war on Blair: 'We must quit Iraq soon'

Eye watering stuff!


Here is an interesting letter in today's Herald about MI5 activities with regards to Tommy Sheridan, and other threats to British peace and stability on the home front -

http://www.theherald.co.uk/features/72048.html>Tommy Sheridan and MI5’s activities

Speaking of the British Establishment and its anti-democratic behaviour,
I see a terror scare story was eventually placed in the UK media yesterday, just in time before this weeks deadline run out - it was about some Walter Mitty fantasist, who is no real danger to anyone except himself -
KosmikK has a comment about it on another thread http://www.osamasaeed.org/osama/2006/07/mcb_respond_to_.html#comment-23839980>MCB respond to Bright

I wonder what next week's anti-Islamic scare story is going to be about - anybody any ideas?

Maybe there ought to be a weekly competition on this topic!


Islamic Terrorist Mastermind Haj Amin Mitty, admits to fantasising, that on any given day of the week, he is Salah al-Din, The Prophet (Peace Be Upon His Name), Napoleaon or the The Queen of England, all depending -

- western intel confrims this, adding that they didn't have to use legally permissible physical pressure whilst they were interrogating the defendant and that he freely admitted to all the crimes listed above

http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/msg/1160757749.html>Bombless dirty bomber pleads guilty, press spreads the fallout

The defendant was asked how he pleaded and said,
"I am the Queen of England and this court is unconstitutional. Once upon a time, One could have you all taken out hanged, drawn and quartered. Think yourselves lucky my feudal vassals!"

A spokesman at the BBC said,
"Don't blame me I'm only following my orders!"


Rather than report the news, such as actual real BNP terrorist bomb making factories -
one of Britain's tabloids prefers to indulge in a bit of creativity and harmless fun.

This is quite sickening - redolent of European totalitarian state propaganda apparatus and the obedient servants who ran them -
http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/msg/1161177243.html>Star pulls 'Daily Fatwa' page

Notice it took workers and the local union to stop this racist filth from getting printed.

Just replace words refering to Islam and Muslims with ones refering to Jewish folk and Judaism, and you'll find yourself transported back in time 60 years to Hitler's Germany - who also happens to have committed the the same crime as our own dear Prime Minister, Tony the Phoney (who can't stop lying, and has the cheek to call himself a fundamentalist christian as well!).

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