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04 September 2006



Why is it that whenever someone agrees with a Muslim, they need to preface it with "someone I don't always agree with".

I would have thought that to be plaintively obvious. Who ever agrees with somebody on everything?


It is the fault of the Muslims themselves that there's no one in the media.

The writer in her article says she would not live in Pakistan because of restricted sexual freedom. Too much information!


Well Osama, I don't always agree with you, but well done! The feature yesterday by Neil McKay Herald was also a must-read:



Sorry, his name is Neil Mackay, not "Neil McKay Herald"...

joan mcalpine

Lighten up Shavez, you sound a touch paranoid. I may disagree with Osama but that's got nothing to do with his religion. And I directed readers to his site so they could make up their own minds. SL is also twisting what I said about Pakistan. You can read the full column on my blog.


The guardian tried to hide his thread. Peres is on comment is free
and he's being abused by everyone:)

Angus McFalane

I wonder how many Muslims would be appropriate to work in newsrooms? As far as I know Mulims make up less than 1.8% of the Brittish population (almost all living in small exclusive areas of cities). So statistically I think we have probably exceeded the appropriate number in the newsroom already.

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