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16 August 2006



His reply is as lame as the original unprofessional and biased doc! i would advise people keep complaining to BBC John Ware has bought down the standards of what used to be an objective programme.


I am not one to tell you your buisness Osama - you know more than me and work a lot harder mate, but the lads and lassies at


will lap this stuff up - maybe you should get in touch with them because they love examples and case studies of BBC journalism in action.

Have a look round their website for all the usual dodgies the 'objective' so-called journalists get up to at the BBC -

All the best Osama!

George Carty

Incidentally, what is the difference between green, black and white flags bearing the Shahadah?


I see an article by your good self Osama, has been posted to UK Watch


All the best mate!


Yes, thanks for the advice Joe. SpinWatch also published it.

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