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10 July 2006



Well done Zidane...you will always be a legend.

Zizou have my babies!

Yass well in Zidane, next time go for his face!


Supposedly Materazzi said to him: "Is it true you're joining Celtic?"

The Sun and the Daily Mail are not reliable epistemological conduits by any stretch of the imagination. I wid haud weesht until ZZ opens his gob and gives his version of events.


BBC Radio 5 live too - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/world_cup_2006/5169342.stm

Also contains a blow-by-blow report from Materazzi of the incident, but he stops at the point of what he said!

Apparently there will be a press conference by Zizou at 7pm today.


whatever was said, my sympathies lie with Zidane. was Matteri not aware that Zidane's mother was not well at the time? This must have been on Zidane's mind. However much a football legend he is, and he is, he is also only human.


Unfortunately for you Osama, Zidane has categorically stated that Materazzi did not refer to his religious background in anyway, so you will have to find another cause for you to satisfy your hate mongering victimhood and Islamist persecution complex bigotry.


The question still on everyone's lips is 'What did Materazzi say to Zidane'? Marco said it was an everyday insult but chose not to explain further. Zizou couldn't bring himself to repeat it. FIFA have launched an investigation to find out. But JoJo knows.

ossama mohamed

I really like Zidane because he plays football with style,never loses the balland hes skilful plus Materazzi is a good player too but I know this foul came with words but i don't know if mater didn' say any thing

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