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19 July 2006


Mike Landfair

The only option for Israel: CRUSH the opposition in the most brutal manner possible. This is war! They can either see the blood of their nation slowly seep into the battlefield over a period of years, or they can wipe out all thoughts in the enemy's mind that they can compete on the battlefield.


"Israel isn't being evacuated because of bombings - Lebanon is."

So simple and so obvious, yet as far as I know, you are the first person to have pointed it out!


Mike-The problem is that Israel's nation is built on someone else's land! Perhaps they feel that THEIR only option is to fight back? Do you really think that more violence is what is needed to solve the problems in the middle east? A few more dead children and everything will be ok? And by the way, Israel's opposition extends beyond Palestine and Lebanon. Their actions are only increasing the size of their opposition. Most of the people of the world are opposed to Israel's actions in Gaza and Lebanon-should Israel crush the entire world?


"The problem is that Israel's nation is built on someone else's land!"

All nations were built on someone else's land. Get over it. Blame lazy Arab landowners if you want but Israel isn't going to go away. Fact. Palestine is not going to go away. Fact. The two of them need to appreciate this essential truth.

And, no, I'm not defending Israel or Hezbollah or George Bush before anyone starts hopping madly from foot to foot.


Absolutely brilliant post Osama.

Abu Abdur Rahman

Absolutely brilliant post Osama.

I agree - keep up the good work.


Please do not equate Hizbollah's actions with those of Hamas. Hizbollah is acting in an independant country with support from Iran (financially and otherwise). They acted without the government's knowledge and they dragged the whole country into a destructive spiral. Hamas is fighting by any means necessary to establish a country. Hizbollah did not do this for the Palestinians, this was a move in order to muster up support that was dwindling on the Lebanese political stage. The timing of their operation was very suspiscious, it was on the same day that Iran was being referred to the UN for its Nuclear program.
I urge you, please, to see the difference between Hamas and Hizbollah before trying to point out their similarities. While I completely agree that Israel's actions were grossly disproportionate and inhumane, I also do not at all support what Hizbollah did because of their unilateral action.


Hizbollah's actions were simply to support Iran, nothing more, nothing less. Meanwhile, Lebanon is getting destroyed because of their political game. Please do not equate them to Hamas. Hamas is fighting for a homeland. Lebanon has an elected government from the people, there is no place for a state within a state in Lebanon. Hizbollah needs to either join the army and fight under the government or be disarmed completely.


A month ago and I would have agreed entirely with your analysis here. However, in view of some of the things I've seen and heard in the past two weeks, and agreeing that the reaction is in some manner disproportionate, what else could Israel do?

One, the hand of other countries is on the Hizbollah actions here. I also see the cycnical use of a country's population to garner sympathy for their cause. Look what the Israeli's are doing, they cry. Yes. Look and know that it is not without provocation.

Two, that Hizbollah have been preparing for this action for six years. That they are one of the largest employers in the Lebanon. Now I learn that they have a Political wing, a Military wing, and a Humanitarian wing. Have they been taking lessons from the IRA and Loyalist paramilitaries? The actions of Hizbollah I find cycnical in the extreme.

As to the land "not being theirs", perhaps someone would care to mutter those words to the British government as regards Northern Ireland. Time to get beyond the justifications for provocation and violence.

Israel is a country created for and by a group of people that a mad and evil regime tried to annhilate. Now mutterings have been made by the leaders of certain countries in the region that they wish to see Israel destroyed.

I'd like at some point to see Israel release the prisoners and Hizbollah return the soldiers they hold. At the moment Israel is defending itself against consistent and unrelenting attacks on the peace, safety and stability of it's citizens. Any country would do the same.

I find myself viewing Hizbollah's actions like those of a child who cannot have what it wants. Periodic tantrums, blaming everyone else except themselves for their actions. Grow up guys, look at the carnage you have created and take responsibility.


Masterful post, Osama.

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