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04 July 2006



when in reality it is Westerners in the Muslim world being targeted - for reasons Gove is keen to avoid.

Tell us Osama, what are the reasons that innocent people in each of those countries are directly responsible for, since Michael Gove is avoiding that.

And you funnily enough forget to mention all the killings in Afghanistan and Iraq of Muslims. But I suppose you believe those are American plants too...


Yawn, not too interested in getting into this with you just now Sunny. Because no doubt you know my opinions - https://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,3604,1534690,00.html - and because I'll have more on this later in the week.


Sure, no doubt your opinions don't change and you continue to selectively see events that justify that.

Remember the Muslim wedding party that were caught in Jordan and the subsequent huge demonstrations in Amman against Al-Qaeda?

Or what about the fact that the Muslim Action Committee organised a bigger demonstration following the Danish cartoons than the MCB/MAB crew could manage, with many posters stating that Bin Laden should stop killing Muslims.
Same goes for the demonstration in Bahrain.

Don't worry though, I wouldn't want these facts get in the way of your opinions.


Glad to see you approve of MAC. They sound like they should be a Scottish organisation, don't you think? I'd add to their posters that Bin Laden should stop killing all people, not just Muslims. Surprised you're being so 'communal' about it.

I mentioned the Jordanian bombings above. They were aimed at US hotels.

My point in this post was not to say that no Muslims have been killed by Al-Qaeda and associates - obviously they have. It was that it is misleading of neocons like Gove to claim that the bombings in Muslim countries were deliberately targetting killing Muslims. They were not - in each case they were aimed at Western interests. They are being very selective at how they report events.

Yitzchak Goodman

Pakistan - US consulate, KFC & McDonald's

And a number of mosques.


Osama you keep forgetting to mention all the mosques that are being blown up in Iraq. You keep forgetting the militants who blow up Shia Mosques in Pakistan too.

Your problem is you see religious militancy as a danger only for the west. You don't get that religious militants ultimately want control of their community because they want that power. Then who do you think they will aim that religious militancy at? Muslim men and women who don't follow their puritan style of living. They'll tell you to take off the sunglasses off your face because it is a western abomination and if you resist you'll get a lashing like they did in Afghanistan.

Sure the religious militants are a threat to the west. But they cannot destroy "the west". But they can destroy their own communities by turning them into suicide bomber making machines.


The Kharijite strain has existed since the early days of Islam. They've never taken over, and call me complacent, they never will. The West are interested now, because they are being targeted, and are blowing the importance of these people way out of proportion. I shall be posting something more full on this shortly.

Yusuf Smith

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

Don't forget that besides most of the victims being western tourists, Bali is a predominantly non-Muslim part of Indonesia - they follow a Hindu-derived religion (although there have been bombings in Java, which is mostly Muslim).

By the way, Yitzchak Goodman forgot to close an italic tag, resulting in all the other comments and your whole sidebar going italic as well.

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