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08 July 2006



Dear Osama

With respect, the government isn't the only one that appears to have run out of ideas.



Kris, difference is my ideas haven't been tried out.


Update - worth also reading Karen Armstrong on how difficult it is for mainstream people to bring extremists in any religion into line. It's not like Blair and his Cabinet.


Shahid is a blairite sycophant who blindly regurgitates government propaganda. Surely as a Muslim, he'd know that nearly all mosques would throw you out if you tried to advocate anything even remotely political within them.

Quite simply, mosques are NOT the places where these kids become extreme, these extremist types never engage in activities within mosques because they'd get chucked out. So why does Shahid repeat this lie when he should know better? Is he a sellout?

osama bin lalluh

I have enough of this Shahid Malik MP. Go to HEll!!! You can lick Blair's boot but we are not interested. Just looked at what the Police had done at Forest gate, they shot a man believing him to be a Paki and they conducted numerous stop-and-search operations targetting Paki, the random selection of Paki for search by airport security. Take a good look at what the policy supported by the man living in No. 10.


aaaargh i cringe whenever i hear about this guy.

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