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31 July 2006


John Ware looks like a badger

I agree about that incident in the classroom, and remember, a lot of children copy what other children are doing. As one child put his hand up, another followed, and another followed. So how many of these children put their hand up just because their peers did it (as kids do that kind of thing all the time). Mr Ware didn't take that into account. He also needs to dye his eyebrows!

Abu Abdur Rahman

Masha Allah, good post.

Someone should write to the BBC, no?


It was a real joke. Everything fed by the Israelis was taken as fact. And what about the part where he points to an emblem showing a hand emerging from a globe covered in blood and he comes out with: "It conveys to me a picture of Islam dominating the world, and if necessary through bloodshed." I mean where is this guy coming from? I think anyone watching the programme will see that there's an agenda.

It's as if orphans whose parents were lost in conflict, whose uncles are locked up in Israeli prisons, whose trip to school goes through military checkpoints, whose family were displaced and live in a refugee camp are supposed to be diplomatic and forgiving.

The female headteacher of that girls' school did really well in my opinion. The others were reasonable, though the guy from the Charities Commission was a joke.


I loved the bit where the woman head teacher said the flags were Saudi ones, and Ware was about to say "But this is Palestine", but checked himself and said "West Bank" instead!

He couldn't adjust himself to the fact that Hamas had been voted in and were not some fringe group, but the govt. He said Hamas "took power" like it was a coup of something, and that Hebron was "City of Hamas", not realising they're all Hamas cities now.

Scary phrases were used like "missionary da'wah", and an example of indoctrination was an orphan who said the Qur'an guided his life. Qaradawi was a threat because he was bringing "ideas" to Europe. Strapping ideas to his chest. Tut-tut.

Come on BBC.

Can make comments at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/panorama/5209466.stm#comments

Yasmin Mahdi

Why is 'Hamas is a terrorist organisation' seen as a statement of fact while no such thing can so uncontroversially be said of the Israeli state??

Oh and by association, anyone who supports the Palestinian resistance is a supporter of terrorism - how convenient. Let's have a go at Shaykh Yusuf Al Qaradawi and every Islamic organisation in Britain while we're at it then!!??

Was a sickening documentary....


Someone should write to the BBC, no?

Not just someone, but us. Me, you, him and her.

I thought this whole issue with Interpal was cleared up in the courts? What's been their response to this programme?


Have added an update on the main post with Interpal's response.

Though Ware's material was the same as the BoD's, I don't think Ware was as reckless as to call Interpal 'terrorists' directly as the BoD did. So doubt there is much grounds for a legal challenge, which gives Ware and others much leeway for mudslinging.

George Carty

How good do you think this documentary was as pro-Israel propaganda?


The BBC Editors make note of comments about the programme here. Let them know how you feel.

You can complain to the BBC here. We should all make a complaint.


salaams, dear all check out alerts at mpac in response to this digraceful documentary, mpacuk have been encouraging people to complain about this for many months now:


pass it on keep complaints coming in!

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