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28 July 2006



I wonder, can I join this Sufi Muslim Council? Is it OK if I don't call myself a Sufi?

If the answer to either of these is "No", then surely this cannot be considered a representative body, even if its views might happen to chime with this nebulous "silent majority".


Can't understand why you keep attacking Martin Bright? So I googled him, and discovered quite a bit of info and a lot of interesting work he does. Seems the mans got a commitment to getting to the heart (truth) of the matter. Thanks to your highlighting his existence, I may very well take out a sub to the New Statesman.

I really would suggest that you stop the campaign of attacking the man; this kind of schoolboy schoolyard calling names and labelling is pure schoolboy purience and really lets you down. In fact I'd go so far as to call it collective bullying.

In fact here's Bright's words to explain why I think your views on him are not impartial.

"I am being feted by the right. As the political editor of the New Statesman and usually written off by conservative thinkers as a dangerous, pinko liberal, this is a novel and rather awkward position in which to find myself."

He goes on to say that his concerns are the excesses of extremism, and some totalitarian and fascist tendancies within some extremist movements; and the Left's inability to form any critical analysis of this. Possibly because they see it as some powerful force against capitalism.

I'd say Martin Bright has a purpose, the old-fashioned one of a journalist interested to expose the truth and debate the issues. That's called free-press in a democracy. We may not always like it, and they may indeed make mistakes. We all do.

Your facile attempts to try and discredit the man as you are doing, do you no credit. I'd thought better of you.


Sohaib, seems like the silent majority don't have a website yet, so don't know.

Ainelivia, what names did I call Bright? Putting aside the rather comic idea of me with blog bullying him with voice in one of the country's leading magazines and documentary on Channel 4, you can't just keep accusing people who disagree with a position of trying to shut down debates and deny people the right to speak.

Bright put forward a point of view, I've responded. Engage with the ideas!


have a listen to bright getting pasted by the silent majority



Bright's version of events was that he pasted Iqbal Sacranie there - http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/brightsblog/2006/07/26/an-encounter-with-radical-islam

Can't listen to it just now, but if anyone has, I'd be interested to know how the event went.


Bright put forward a point of view, you attacked, in tone, in structure of your words etc. and to prove my point you have yet again posted on Martin Bright.

Let's see, engage with ideas, ok I'll engage with your ideas on how to "engage with the ideas" putting Margaret Becketts head on the photo of a child writing messages on rockets? Psychoanalysts would have a field day with this type of passive aggressive behaviour, but have it your own way.

It will be less of a playground out there now as Martin Bright may just alert the rest of the country to the "dirty tricks" campaign.


Sharif Hussain was at the City Circle event and says Bright's narration of events (see my last comment) is tripe

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