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31 July 2006



He will also never make clear (perhaps even to himself) the views of these Sufis on the "radical identifiers" like their views on God's sovereignty (via Shari'ah law), sexual issues like homosexuality, or their interpretation of the Qur'anic verse that some people believe condones wife-beating.

Sufis don't differ in general from other Muslims on such matters. Oh, but they condemn suicide bombing so that's OK. Don't they?


This is an interesting issue. Some sufis who are prominent may be moving in pro-Israeli circles, God knows. But are sufis as a whole pro-Israeli? No. If they all took over, would they do Israel's bidding? No. We'd be in the exact same situation of Muslims lobbying for Palestine as we are now.

This tactic of sidelining one group in favour of another to effect some policy change will not work.

It must be remembered that it was "apolitical sufis" under the Mahdi that fought British occupation in Sudan- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Ahmad

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