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26 June 2006


Abu Abdur Rahman

Assalamo 'alaikum

Excellent spot Osama - Gove's book should finally open the eyes of British Muslims. The new Tories may appear to be compassionate and liberal in many areas, but their foreign policy is pure neocon, copied word from word from PNAC. In their view of Islam, these "new Tories" are the bedfellows of the likes of Vlaams Blok, Danish Peoples Party and Le Pen etc. I made a similar point in my post here (http://bakkah.wordpress.com/2006/05/30/same-old-tories-no-probably-worse-this-time/) a few weeksa go - I think British Muslims seriously need to work to ensure that a Tory government led by Cameron, Gove, Osborne, Fox and Hague et al does not ever become a reality.


assalamu alaykum

Does anyone know if Gove speaks/reads Arabic?


I've written to David Cameron's office asking which Muslims he's met with since becoming leader.

Anyone care to speculate?


Got a reply back from Cameron's office today saying:

It is not our usual practice to reveal the details of who David Cameron has met but I can assure you that he has met representatives of several Muslim organisations since he has become Party Leader.

The plot thickens. Anyone want to own up to meeting Cameron, since he doesn't want to own up to meeting them?

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