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06 June 2006


Tariq Nelson

Actually Haroon's advice is not bad. But FYI, a Latina is what we should look for. A Latino is a man


Thanks for correcting my ignorance. Amended.

Yusuf Smith

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

The fact is that cousin marriage is permitted in Islam and we should remember this before we jump on the bandwagon with Ann Cryer. The way to tackle these problems is to educate people not to insist on cousin marriage for generation after generation when the family has a history of genetic defects, and there are ways to do this without banning something that works for most participants and without dragging the whole community's name through the mud. It is not incest and has been legal in this country, and other western countries, since time immemorial.

Abu Abdur Rahman

Assalamo 'alaikum

Well said Yusuf.


As Yusef said, yes this is true, cousin marriage is an available option and we shou,d not support Ann Cryer in negativly focusing upon Islam. Nevertheless, it should be promoted that there are many others available for marriage outside of the family, which then seeks to increase/diversify family ties and comunity/cultural relations.

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