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06 June 2006



"clamour to silence her". Why, after all isn't that what we pride ourselves on in the west, freedom of speech; or is that freedom only to those that say what we wish to hear.... just a thought.

And I would, not doubting the accuracy of your comments, wonder if some of the "lies" were perpetrated by a media eager to hang on to certain stereotypes of certain groups; for example, that she fled a forced marriage.


It seems that both camps are at fault. I think calling her a 'liar' is harsh, Osama, and not the sort of language I expect you'd use about deported asylum-seekers in the UK. Or would you? And, of course, certain folk backed Hirsi Ali whilst not being entirely welcoming about immigration or multi-culturalism in the UK. So they're now dismayed - though wouldn't care less if it was some Albanians kicked out of Glasgow - and her opponents rejoice and call her a liar - which they wouldn't if it was some Albanians kicked out of Glasgow.

What a mess.

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