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13 May 2006



This is a minor battle raging on the sides in the War on Islam:

India blindly voted against her only historical ally - Iran - in the nuclear issue. It was the height of naivete! Russia, France and China - UNSC permanent
members - did not vote against Iran.

I think India succumbed to the pressure of fascist America just like the
poodle - UK.

Also, hindutva parties may have calculated that it was going to be easy to corner Iran like the small countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. So they may have wished to go with the "winning side" and in the process get some sops. But all those dreams have come to a naught.

Iran now has upped the ante by simply insisting on market price only for the gas
pipeline deal passing through Pakistan and India. It so happens that hydrocarbon prices have more than doubled during 2000-5.


India, despite her pretensions of a superpower, has a per capita income far
lower than Pakistan. Hence, it cannot afford to pay the market price demanded by Iran. This means energy deficit in the immediate future, high
import bills (from other costlier sources), high inflation, weakened
currency, high cost of debt and ofcourse lower growth rate.

This is the price of shortsightedness paid by big fools like India who have no experience whatsoever in geopolitics.


Yesterday, Iranian scientists cloned successfully a sheep, by somatic cell
nuclear transfer, at the Rouyan research centre in Isfahan.


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