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27 April 2010



Well done Osama, we definitely need high speed Rail link and wish you all the best in the forthcoming elections

Colin Duffy

Now is the time to take control of our resources and future! Labour have taken this country for granted for far too long! A hung parliament is a balanced parliament which is an oportunity for a whole country. "SCOTLAND" Time to redress the balance because labour have taken their vote for granted for too long. The only party willing to fight for this countries rights is the SNP, a vote for the other parties is not an option as they are the ones who preach at every oportunity that as a Scot you are in when the fact is we pay more to the UK than we get back! Unforgiveable in my mind and racist as it`s directed at a whole country. Sick of hearing how we are somehow better off in the union when we would be better off running our own economy!

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