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17 February 2010


John Simon

This is all very well, but where do you and Aamer stand on anti-social behaviour? I get neds hanging round my street and i have been threatened twice by them with knifes.

What should we do with them? I know education is key but something needs doing to stop them threatening and lingering in the streets.


Long term solutions yes, but there are also short term measures too for your neighbourhood. Send us a message with your details and we can look into it further http://www.osamasaeed.org/news/contact.html

Dr A F M Khan

The SNP have shown themselves to a genuine party of consensus and progress. They have demonstrated the most forward thinking social policies in Western Europe.It has been a pleasure to work within the NHS under the leadership of the SNP, who have put the people of Scotland first over an establishment Labour Party that has been responsible for 2 million Iraqi and Afghan deaths together with the greatest home social inequalities, and a determination to run down the NHS and replace it with an American style privatised health system for the those who can afford it only. We are sick and tired of corrupt Labour millionaires absenting themselves from parliament whilst claiming to represent the people of Glasgow and attempting to further injustice through nepotism.

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